• Red Octopus Custom Painting

Featured Poster

This is an illustration of Abraham Lincoln in a Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls) Jersey. This artwork is part of a Custom Series and is one of my most popular pieces today.Abe Lincoln in a Michael Jordan Jersey

Featured Painting

“Emerald Buddha” by Roly Orihuela is a modern fine art oil painting of a green buddha, featuring an emerald glow, created on a 24×30 inch canvas.
Emerald Buddha Original Painting by Roly Orihuela

Featured Custom Art

“Red Octopus” by Roly D. Orihuela is a custom made acrylic painting of a red octopus, featuring 3-D tentacles, created on a 33×40 inch canvas.Red Octopus Custom Painting by Roly Orihuela

How to buy art:

There are several types of artwork available in my art shop. There are three main categories to consider when it comes to shopping for art on my website. The search bar on the right hand side is a great too to use if you have an idea of what your looking for. It will pull up results from my blog posts as well as paintings for sale. Below is a list of the categories to help you navigate through the site and help you find the art that’s right for you…

1. Original Paintings:

All of the original, hand painted artwork is available for sale, unless otherwise noted on the product page. The artwork is painted on a gallery style canvas, and in some cases features a 3D texture on it’s surface. The original art is displayed and purchased directly from this website, and ships directly from me, the artist. You can view the available pieces here.

2. Duplicate Canvas and Poster Prints:

In the event that the original is listed as “sold”, all of the images on this site are available on duplicate canvas, poster prints, and several other products with over 250 frames to choose from. You control the price! Simply use the search filters and the prices will adjust automatically for you. The artwork and products are manufactured at a third party print facility and ships with a 30 day money back guarantee.

3. Custom Paintings:

You may request a custom painting based on any image in my current gallery, and if you’re not sure what you are looking for but have an idea in mind, rest assured that I can make any kind of art specifically to your preference.